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MD Plastic Surgeon Joins Top-end Local Practice and Offers New Procedures, Techniques

The Valley Citizen

Danville, CA - July 26, 2001 -- Before you undergo cosmetic surgery, you may want a consultation with expert plastic surgeon Stephen J. Ronan MD. This month, after ten years of East Coast training, Dr. Ronan returns home to the Bay Area and combines extensive knowledge, new procedures, and technologic know-how in a very reputable and successful private practice located in Blackhawk, CA.

Drawing on his aesthetic insight and artistic vision, Dr. Ronan has studied the components of beauty and effects of sun, gravity, aging, and pregnancy on each component. In order to create, or recreate, natural beauty, Dr Ronan brings new procedures and technology including minimal scar breast reductions, no visible scar mini-facelift, mid-facelift, and fat grafting for soft tissue augmentation.

According to Dr. Ronan, "The inevitable effect of gravity on the face is seen as soon as the late thirties. The youthful, three dimensional apple shaped face becomes flat, lacks depth, and is shaped more like a pear. The lower eyelid becomes taller with more of a distinction from the cheek." Dr. Ronan performs a procedure known as the meloplasty (mid-facelift) in conjunction with a facelift, restoring the more youthful fullness of the mid-face as well as addressing the traditional trouble areas such as the neck, jowls, etc. For those patients not ready for full facial rejuvenation, the no visible scar mini-facelift addresses only the midface.

Soft tissue augmentation, especially of the lips, cheeks, and wrinkles has soared in popularity. "I believe that fat taken from the body is the ideal soft tissue filler because it is very soft, not rejected, and a certain percentage of the fat remains permanently." Fat is delicately removed from the abdomen (through a 2 mm belly-button incision) and carefully grafted into the augmentation area. The result is soft, more voluptuous lips, fuller cheekbones, or a decrease in wrinkles. These procedures are often performed in the office under local anesthesia.

"Breast reduction patients tend to be some of the happiest patients seen in plastic surgery. Often patients see complete resolution of back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as increase ability to exercise after breast reduction." The minimal scar breast reduction reduces the amount and length of scarring necessary to perform the breast reduction procedure. "This procedure tends to create a better shape by making the breasts narrower and more projecting as opposed to flatter and wider." Not everyone is a candidate for the minimal scar breast reduction.

"It's wonderful to be home again in the Bay Area." Dr. Ronan and his wife, Leslie have a 18 month old, Jack, and are expecting a daughter.

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